They watch a football match.

Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin

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tiger siberia


russian school in the village
The school is 100 year old this year. On the right side one can see props to a wall. (more…)

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Peaceful nuclear explosions Peaceful nuclear explosions

Russian scientists tried to find ways of peaceful usage of nuclear energy since the very first researches in this sphere. (more…)

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russian in the moon

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Ivan Kupala Day

Ivan Kupala Day (or Ivanov Day) is a popular pagan holiday, celebrated in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine during days of the summer solstice, on 24 June. Ivanov Day is full of different ceremonies and rites, connected with water, fire and herbs. (more…)

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Russian Su-35 without a canopy

Here’s how it goes: A Russian movie company hires two Sukhoi pilots to film a couple of stunts. The pilots agree to take off without a canopy. (more…)

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Berlin Wall in Moscow

1989 year was the critical moment in the history of Germany. Right in this year the border between western and eastern Berlin was opened, and next year the country has became a united single state. The Berlin wall, which surrounded western part of Berlin since 1961 was destroyed, and now parts of this wall can be found throughout the world. (more…)

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soviet Latvia

On 28 august 1987 70 professional Soviet photographers and their foreign colleagues shot Latvia. Their work resulted in a photo-exhibition “One day in Latvia”. This interesting action was repeated in 20 years. And a unique exhibition was organized “Latvia: the past and the present”. (more…)

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statue of Femida

This statue is rather interesting and its peculiarities are as follows: Femida is represented as a women reminding “Komsomolka” of the 1930th with a shield, but without sword. And, what is interesting, the shield is with a picture of the Moscow coat of arms: Femida is likely to know whom and from what she protects. And as poor goddess should see whom she defends and from what, she has no any bandages on her eyes (address: Moscow, Povarskaya str; 15)

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