The most powerful gas turbine-electric locomotive (GTEL)

GT1-001 uses a plane’s reaction engine and, of course, it causes an awful noise. That’s why it’s possible to use it only in uninhabited areas. There is a turbine and an electric generator in one part of a locomotive and a fridge for cooling in another one.

One refuelling of a locomotive with maximum power of 8.3 Megawatt and a weight of a machine-300 tons, is enough for 750 km. The power of GTEL makes it possible to lead the trains with 10000 tons weight and with fuel consumption, that is 30% less than fuel consumption of a diesel locomotive. The main advantage of GTEL is a possibility to reach high power with rather small size and weight. One more advantage is a possibility to use cheap fuel-liquefied gas. There is a lot of it in Russia.