The factory “Krasnoye znamya” in Saint-Petersburg

The building of the factory is famous thanks to the power substation, constructed on the project of the German architect Erich Mendelson in 1925-1926. In semicircular spaces there was a water reception well, a clarifying tank, a storage tank for clean water, American filters, primary pumps and a water tank. In the next building (which is behind) there were 7 blocks of a boilers-house.

Nowadays, these buildings are the property of the businessman from Saint-Petersburg. He’s going to transform these practically destroyed buildings into a modern city district. Instead of the factory buildings the construction of the exhibition-center, the museum of contemporary arts, commercial and residential buildings is planned.

The inscription on the memorial sign is restored: “in 1923 at the «Krasnoye znamya» factory the first pioneer squad in Petrograd appeared”.